Azure Portal

  • Public web-based interface for management of Azure platform
  • Designed for self-service
  • Customizable
  • Simple tasks

Azure PowerShell

  • PowerShell and module
  • Designed for automation
  • Multi-platform with PowerShell Core
  • Simple to use
    • Connect-AzAccount – log into Azure
    • Get-AzResourceGroup – list resource groups
    • New-AzResourceGroup – create new resource group
    • New-AzVm – create virtual machine

Azure CLI

  • Command Line Interface for Azure
  • Designed for automation
  • Multi-platform (Python)
  • Simple to use
    • az login – log into Azure
    • az group list – list resource groups
    • az group create – create new resource group
    • az vm create – create virtual machine
  • Native OS terminal scripting

Azure Cloud Shell

  • Cloud-based scripting environment
  • Completely free
  • Supports both Azure PowerShell and Azure CLI
  • Dozen of additional tools
  • Multiple client interfaces
    • Azure Portal integration (
    • Shell Portal (
    • Visual Studio Code Extension
    • Windows Terminal
    • Azure Mobile App
    • Microsoft Docs integration
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