What is DevOps?

DevOps is a set of practices that combine both development (Dev) and operations (Ops).

DevOps aims to shorten the development life cycle by providing continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) capabilities while ensuring high quality of deliverables.

Azure DevOps

  • Collection of services for building solutions using DevOps practices
  • Services included
    • Boards – tracking work
    • Pipelines – building CI/CD workflows (build, test and deploy apps)
    • Repos – code collaboration and versioning with Git
    • Test Plans – manual and exploratory testing
    • Artifacts – manage project deliverables
  • Extensible with Marketplace – over 1000 of available apps
  • Evolved from TFS (Team Foundation Server), through VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services)

Azure DevTest Labs

  • Service for creation of sandbox environments for developers/testers (PaaS)
  • Quick setup of self-managed virtual machines
  • Preconfigured templates for VMs
  • Plenty of additional artifacts (tools, apps, custom actions)
  • Lab policies (quotas, sizes, auto-shutdowns)
  • Share and automate labs via custom images
  • Premade plugins/API/tools for CI/CD pipeline automation
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