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Question 1

SLA for Azure is a formal agreement between Microsoft and a customer. Which of the following asepects are outlined by the SLA agreement?

✔ That's correct
❌ That's not correct
👨‍🦱 💬 SLA for Azure outlines Microsoft’s commitment to service uptime and connectivity, also known as a service availability.

Question 2

Adding redundant services to our application have a _______ impact on our Composite SLA. Fill in the blank.

✔ That's correct
❌ That's not correct
👨‍🦱 💬 When some of the redundant services go down, the entire application still remains operational. This makes a postitive impact on our SLA.

Question 3

Adding more dependant services have a _______ impact on the Composite SLA for our applications. Fill in the blank.

✔ That's correct
❌ That's not correct
👨‍🦱 💬 When the services are dependant on each other we introduce another point of failure for our applications, hence we lower the SLA. This makes a negative impact on the SLA that we can provide for our applications.

Question 4

The service configuration can impact on the SLA that Microsoft provides. Yes or no?

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❌ That's not correct
👨‍🦱 💬 Yes. Many services allow for extra configuration options, like Availability Zones for Azure VMs, which increase the SLA.
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