Practice Test

Question 1

Contoso company used a Service that is currently in a public preview. How does it impact their SLA?

✔ That's correct
❌ That's not correct
👨‍🦱 💬 Most (often all) services that are in public preview have no SLA (0% SLA) coverage which impacts the SLA of the entire application negatively.

Question 2

When the service is in a general availability that means all its features are also in general availability. Is this true or false?

✔ That's correct
❌ That's not correct
👨‍🦱 💬 This is false. After initial release of the service all future updates to the service do not change its GA state, but when new features are introduced they sometimes are released as a spreview features.

Question 3

Contoso company plans to add a new AI feature to their application. This Cognitive Services feature is currently marked as public preview. Contoso leadership considers this application a business critical application. What should contoso company do?

✔ That's correct
❌ That's not correct
👨‍🦱 💬 They should wait. Because no SLA and limited support coverage companies should avoid using preview features for production, and even more so, business critical applications.
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