Skills Learned

Data Types

  • Structured - Data that can be represented using tables with very strict schema. Each row must follow defined schema. Some tables have defined relationships between them. Typically used in relational databases.
  • Semi-structured - Data that can be represented using tables but without strict defined schema. Rows must only have unique key identifier.
  • Unstructured - Any files in any format. Like binary files, application files, images, movies, etc.

Storage Account

  • Group of services which include
    • blob storage,
    • queue storage,
    • table storage, and
    • file storage
  • Used to store
    • files,
    • messages, and
    • semi-structured data
  • Highly scalable (up to petabytes of data)
  • Highly durable (99.999999999% - 11 nines, up to 16 nines)
  • Cheapest per GB storage

Blob Storage

  • BLOB – binary large object – file
  • Designed for storage of files of any kind
  • Three storage tiers
    • Hot – frequently accessed data
    • Cool – infrequently accessed data (lower availability, high durability)
    • Archive – rarely (if-ever) accessed data

Queue Storage

  • Storage for small pieces of data (messages)
  • Designed for scalable asynchronous processing

Table Storage

  • Storage for semi-structured data (NoSQL)
    • No need for foreign joins, foreign keys, relationships or strict schema
    • Designed for fast access
  • Many programming interfaces and SDKs

File Storage

  • Storage for files accessed via shared drive protocols
  • Designed to extend on-premise file shares or implement lift-and-shift scenarios

Disk Storage

  • Disk emulation in the cloud
  • Persistent storage for Virtual Machines
  • Different
    • sizes,
    • types (SSD, HDD)
    • performance tiers
  • Disk can be unmanaged or managed
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