Skills Learned

  • Skills Learned
    • Describe products available for Networking such as
      • Virtual Network,
      • Load Balancer,
      • VPN Gateway,
      • Application Gateway and
      • Content Delivery Network

Azure Networking

  • Connect cloud and on-premises
  • On-premise networking functionality

Azure Virtual Network

  • Logically isolated networking components
  • Segmented into one or more subnets
  • Subnets are discrete sections
  • Enable communication of resources with each-other, internet and on-premises
  • Scoped to a single region
  • VNet peering allow cross region communication
  • Isolation, Segmentation, Communication, Filtering, Routing

Azure Load Balancer

  • Even traffic distribution
  • Supports both inbound and outbound scenarios
  • High-availability scenarios
  • Both TCP (transmission control protocol) and UDP (user datagram protocol) applications
  • Internal and External traffic
  • Port Forwarding
  • High scale with up to millions of flows

VPN Gateway

  • Specific type of virtual network gateway for on-premises to azure traffic over the public internet

Application Gateway

  • Web traffic load balancer
  • Web application firewall
  • Redirection
  • Session affinity
  • URL Routing
  • SSL termination

Content Delivery Network

  • Define content
  • Minimize latency
  • POP (points of presence) with many locations
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