Cloud Computing

Service delivery model over the internet (cloud). This includes but is not limited to

  • compute power meaning servers such as windows, linux, hosting environments, etc.
  • storage like files and/or databases
  • networking in azure but also outside when connecting to your company network
  • analytics services for visualization and telemetry data

Key concepts

  • scalability is the ability to scale, so allocate and deallocate resources at any time
  • elasticity is the ability to scale dynamically
  • agility is the ability to react fast (scale quickly)
  • fault tolerance is the ability to maintain system uptime while physical and service component failures happen
  • disaster recovery is the process and design principle which allows a system to recovers from natural or human induced disasters
  • high availability is the agreed level of operational uptime for the system. It is a simple calculation of system uptime versus whole lifetime of the system.
    • availability = uptime/(uptime + downtime)
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