Practice Test

Question 1

Which of the following tools is best suited to estimate the cost of your current on-premises infrastructure/workloads?

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❌ That's not correct
👨‍🦱 💬 Total cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator is used to compare cost of running workloads in your own datacenter versus Azure. As such it gives you rought estimates and visibility on the current costs.

Question 2

Contoso is migrating their DNS server to Azure. Because of the nature of this service, it runs constantly throughout the year. Current server runs Windows Operating system with the Software Assurance. Which cost reduction methods should Contoso use? Choose 2.

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👨‍🦱 💬 If company has software assurance purchased they qualify to use their Windows Server licenses in Azure as such Hybrid use Benefit will lift the cost associated with the oeprating system. Since this VM will be running constantly, Azure Reservations will additionally reduce the cost of the compute power for this virtual machine.

Question 3

What are available periods that Azure Reservations can be made for? Choose 2.

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👨‍🦱 💬 Customers can purchase Azure Reservations for 1 and 3 year periods.
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