Practice Test

Question 1

Which statement correctly describes Azure Resource Tags?

Azure Resource Tags are …

✔ That's correct
❌ That's not correct
👨‍🦱 💬 Resource Tags are key-value pairs (labels) that allow customers to attach any information to their azure resources for better management of their Azure environment.

Question 2

Azure Resource Tags can be applied to which of the Azure building blocks? Choose 3.

✔ That's correct
❌ That's not correct
👨‍🦱 💬 Resource Tags can be applied to Azure Resources, Resource Groups, and Subscriptions.

Question 3

The Contoso Company wants to apply the Owner tag to all resources inside of the Resource Group called App1_RG. To do this, they navigated to the App1_RG Tags blade and created a new tag with the name Owner. Will this solve their need?

✔ That's correct
❌ That's not correct
👨‍🦱 💬 No. Resource Tags are not inherited by default, as such applying a tag on a resource group level will not affect resources within the App1_RG resource group.

Question 4

The Contoso Company wants to use tags to assign an Azure Virtual Machine resource to two departments (Sales and Finance). To do this, they decided to create two tags as follows.
Tag 1 Name: Department, Value: Finance
Tag 2 Name: Department, Value: Sales.
Will this strategy work?

✔ That's correct
❌ That's not correct
👨‍🦱 💬 Tag names must be unique within the scope of a single Azure resource. As such you can’t have two tags with the same name applied on a single Azure Resource.
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